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Green living offers is your source for recycling and re-use programs. Be a part of an eco-conscious world, as every small step counts. Join our eco community, follow us and contribute your ideas at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. e mail us from our about page your recycling program so we can add it to our listings!

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Recycling and Re-use Programs

Charity USA The Rainforest Site

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Help fund the preservation of the world’s rain forests by shopping on this site.

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Charity USA The Animal Rescue Site

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Each item you buy helps fund food and care for animals – at no extra cost to you!

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Charity USA The Breast Cancer Site

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Every Purchase Helps Give Free Hospital Mammograms To Women In Need!

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Rick’s Restorations


Restoring everything from bicycles to auto parts, you can’t get much more green than that.

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American Pickers

Traveling around the United States, these guys show that what you thought was trash can be reused to add rustic style to any home.

Counts Kustoms

Think its just a pile of junk, not at all. Â Counts Kustoms will take it, refurbish it, and show you how amazing it can be.

Habitat for Humanity


Lightly used furniture and home goods that can bring new life into your home at a great savings.

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Second Use


Taking reusing items to a whole new level. Â Second use has inventory that will suit any design or theme you are looking for while keeping your environmental impact to a minimum.

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ReUse Centers


Discounted used building supplies at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay.

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All Green


Offering a variety of recycling options for your businesses worn out electronics and they will come to you!

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Old phone, tablet, or MP3 player? EcoATMs automated kiosk will take them off your hands and pay you for it, who doesn’t like to recycle and get paid for it?

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Waste Management


More than just the trash guys, Wast management offers services many don’t know about such as recycling batteries, light bulbs, and electronics by mail.

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MRM Recycling


 Offering recycling drop offs and services for Manufacturers.

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Giving you information detailed information on what you should be recycling.

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Want to make sure your old but functioning office tech gets reused instead of in the dump? Reuse offers easy to manage trade in programs for a variety of groups.

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Giving you great information on reducing, reusing, recycling.

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Crafting a Green World


Eco-friendly crafts and projects for the whole family.

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Earth 911


Offering huge amounts of green information for your whole life including eco-friendly travel, food, entertainment and much more.

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