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Green living offers promotes products, deals and services from brands you love for your eco-friendly lifestyle. At Green living offers products are individually selected that offer organic, recycled or renewable attributes. Products are featured that are socially responsible, promote fair trade and feature handcrafted artisan products that give back to support local communities. To read the review from a trusted source click “here” in any review to read more.
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  • expedia
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    8 different Eco-Theme Parks are surrounded by nature where visitors can enjoy: snorkel, underground rivers, zip lines, cenotes, pyramids, the real Mexican party on a boat on a river, rappel, kayak and live the traditions and splendor of the Mayan culture in the middle of the jungle. We also have tours for Tulum, Chichen Itzá and Cobá.
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  • Glastonbury Music Festival, England -Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset
    Glastonbury Music Festival, England -Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset
    Glastonbury Festival recognizes that running the event at Worthy Farm has a direct impact (both positive and negative) on the environment. The Festival is committed to enhancing the environment through our operations wherever possible, and minimizing any negative impact. The Festival also commits to maintaining the rich and diverse environment that has evolved through alternative land usage. Holding a festival once a year in the middle of the growing season prevents the use of environmentally damaging conventional farming practices which would have a more intrusive impact on the ecology.
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  • Go Green Solar
    Go Green Solar
    Off-grid solar panel kits provide solar power for remote locations, RVs, boats, and cabins. Key components in an off grid solar system are solar panels, batteries, and off-grid inverters.
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  • Home Depot
    Home Depot
    Are flies taking over your back yard, forcing you to move your guests inside, take back your backyard. Why bother with messy, full, disease-ridden fly traps that need to be emptied and cleaned after each use, Victor poison-free fly magnet disposable fly trap attracts house, barn and bottle flies. Contains the best bait formula available on the market. No cutting or assembly required and the hanging mechanism is included. This bag trap is easy to use just add water and hang. Seals to reduce leaking when disposed, for clean disposal just snap top onto trap to seal and then place in trash. It’s that convenient and that easy. Decorative maple leaf printed bag. Generally will attract flies from 30-40 ft. Depending upon wind conditions. Nothing is worse than cleaning your house from top to bottom only to come home and find a trail of ants running along your kitchen counter. Maybe your backyard barbeque has been compromised by mosquitos, or your gorgeous foliage has been munched to bits by deer and rabbits. Whatever the case, we feel your pain. That’s why we’re proud to be your trusted, reliable source for all things pest and wildlife control. Whether you’re on the hunt for indoor foggers, sonic pest repellants or natural, pet-safe options like diamotaceous earth, The Home Depot has got you covered. Not only that, but now you can buy pest control supplies online from the comfort of your living room and pick up your order at your favorite Home Depot location. Give it a try today!
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  • Malibu Eco-Friendly 3-Piece Wood Outdoor Dining Set With Backless Benches
    Malibu Eco-Friendly 3-Piece Wood Outdoor Dining Set With Backless Benches
    Have you encountered the wonder of the backless bench yet? It’s got all the good qualities of a regular bench except with five times the versatility. When you’ve got a full dining set composed of premium outdoor furniture (and yes a collection of backless benches) your back yard better watch out.
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  • Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park, La Fortuna de San Carlos, Alajuela, Costa Rica
    Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park, La Fortuna de San Carlos, Alajuela, Costa Rica
    The history of Mistico Park, where you can find Costa Rica’s famous hanging bridges, began at the beginning of the 20th century. Spouses Landina Rodriguez and Adrian Castillo, who were natives of La Fortuna, San Carlos, dedicated their time to working the land they had inherited from their parents in the foothills of the Arenal Volcano. In those times, this incredibly rich natural land was ignored as it was far from the city and difficult to access. However, the Castillo Rodriguez family had great vision, as they knew the true value of their land could be found in its natural resources. Thus, they made the decision to keep this wooded portion of the mountain intact. At the beginning of the 21st century, the family decided to open this natural forest sanctuary to the public, and they hired a company in order to develop the Hanging Bridges of Arenal eco-tourism project, which would allow thousands of people to enjoy the forest’s beauty comfortably and safely. Twelve years later, as per the initial agreement, the development company returned the project to its owners, and the family’s third generation currently manages the nature reserve.
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  • Muttropolis
    Green Eco Friendly Pick Up Bags. As we now know, plastic is not so fantastic. These Green Eco Friendly Pick Up Bags are the industry leader in terms of quality, strength, and affordability. Made bigger, thicker, tougher, and leak proof. Even the rolls’ core and packaging is made from recycled content!
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  • Only Natural Pet
    Only Natural Pet
    No one enjoys making the discovery that their favorite feline has hairballs. If you can get past the harsh coughs and retching noises, or maybe that nice little offering of direct evidence, it may not seem like such a big deal. Many cats recover from a hairball incident with little fuss and quickly regain that famous kitty composure.
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  • Orvis
    Orvis invites you to discover what’s new—or to find an old friend sporting an updated look. It’s all here: heirloom-quality satchels and briefcases you’ll pass on to another generation (built much as they were a century or more ago), luggage that rolls and stows, sturdy duffles for stuffing, and ergonomically conceived fishing packs and bags that comfortably follow you anywhere.
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  • Patagonia
    Warm, windproof, water-resistant—the Nano Puff® Jacket uses warm, incredibly lightweight and highly compressible 60-g PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Eco with 55% post consumer recycled content, wrapped in a 100% recycled polyester shell and liner. While we encourage you to find a new home for any garments or items that are still useable, any Patagonia product that has reached the end of its useful life may be sent back to us to be recycled or re purposed.
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  • Project Nursery
    Project Nursery
    Project Nursery is the ultimate children’s design resource on the web driven by a passionate community of parents and design experts. Our shop is a curated online boutique, targeting new and expecting parents, seeking beautifully designed nursery, maternity, baby and registry essentials. Enjoy special saving and Cash Back at Ebates while planning for your baby’s arrival, decorating the nursery of your dreams or by showering a mother-to-be. We look forward to helping you bring your nursery to life by delivering savings on cribs, baby bedding, gliders, wallpaper, art, clothing and much more!
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