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  • Karma Automotive raises $100 million as it looks to resell it EV platform to other automakers
    Karma Automotive has raised a $100 million lifeline from outside investors, as reported by Bloomberg, with the struggling electric vehicle maker’s fortunes likely buoyed by the current market optimism on other EV companies, including Tesla. Karma is the reincarnated version of Fisker Automotive, which previously faced bankruptcy before being... Read more »
  • Sunrun’s $3.2 billion Vivint Solar bid challenges Tesla’s energy ambitions
    Tesla’s 2014 acquisition of SolarCity turned the electric vehicle manufacturer into the undisputed largest player in residential solar, but that lead has steadily eroded as its major competitor, Sunrun, surged ahead with more aggressive plans. Now with the $3.2 billion acquisition of the residential solar installation company Vivint... Read more »
  • Replenysh raises a $2 million seed round to streamline recycling for buyers and sellers
    Replenysh has been kicking since 2016, but up til now, the Orange County, California startup hasn’t done much press. That changes today, as the company announces that it has raised a $2 million seed round with the fairly lofty goal of transforming recycling in the U.S. A press release outlining... Read more »
  • Amazon really just renamed a Seattle stadium ‘Climate Pledge Arena’
    As perennial front-runner for the title of probably-the-most-evil tech company, Amazon has a long way to go to rehabilitate its image as a take-no-prisoners, industry-consolidating wealth machine. In a bold effort to do so, the company announced today that it would buy the rights to Seattle’s KeyArena, an aging stadium... Read more »
  • Despite pandemic setbacks, the clean energy future is underway
    Roger Duncan Contributor Roger Duncan is a former Research Fellow at the Energy Institute at the University of Texas at Austin and the former General Manager of Austin Energy. He is the co-author of the upcoming book, "The Future of Buildings, Transportation and Power." The economic lockdown resulting from the coronavirus pandemic has... Read more »
  • DroneBase nabs $7.5 million in a slight down round to double down on its work in renewable energy
    DroneBase, a Los Angeles-based provider of drone pilots for industrial services companies, has raised $7.5 million during the pandemic to double down on its work with renewable energy companies. While chief executive Dan Burton acknowledged that the company was fundraising prior to the pandemic, the industrial lockdown actually accelerated demand for... Read more »
  • European VC firm Pale Blue Dot plans to fund 40 ‘planet-positive’ startups
    Pale Blue Dot, a newly outed European venture capital firm focused on climate tech, announced this week the first closing of its debut fund at €53 million. Targeting pre-seed and seed stage startups, the firm says it will consider software and technology investments with a strong positive climate impact. Current areas... Read more »
  • Swappie bags $40.6M to sell more secondhand iPhones across Europe
    Finland-based Swappie has closed a €35.8 million ($40.6M) Series B to expand into new markets in Europe. The ecommerce business refurbishes and resells used iPhones, taking care of the entire process from testing and repairing used handsets, to selling the refurbished devices via its own marketplace, with a 12-month warranty. Local... Read more »
  • Volkswagen launches home EV charging system sales ahead of ID.3 vehicle deliveries
    Volkswagen has started to sell a home-charging device as the automaker prepares to bring its new ID family of electric vehicles to market. The ID.3 is the first electric vehicle under the ID label and will only be sold in Europe. Customers who made reservations for the launch edition, known as... Read more »
  • The Sun Exchange raises $3M for crypto-driven solar power in Africa
    South Africa-based renewable energy startup Sun Exchange has raised $3 million to close its Series A funding round totaling $4 million. The company operates a peer-to-peer, crypto-enabled business that allows individuals anywhere in the world to invest in solar infrastructure in Africa. How’s that all work? “You as an individual are selling electricity... Read more »
  • As wildfire season approaches, AI could pinpoint risky regions using satellite imagery
    The U.S. has suffered from devastating wildfires over the last few years as global temperatures rise and weather patterns change, making the otherwise natural phenomenon especially unpredictable and severe. To help out, Stanford researchers have found a way to track and predict dry, at-risk areas using machine learning and satellite... Read more »
  • BeeHero smartens up hives to provide ‘pollination as a service’ with $4M seed round
    Vast monoculture farms outstripped the ability of bee populations to pollinate them naturally long ago, but the techniques that have arisen to fill that gap are neither precise nor modern. Israeli startup BeeHero aims to change that by treating hives both as living things and IoT devices, tracking health and... Read more »
  • Greyparrot bags $2.2M seed to scale its AI for waste management
    London-based Greyparrot, which uses computer vision AI to scale efficient processing of recycling, has bagged £1.825 million (~$2.2M) in seed funding, topping up the $1.2M in pre-seed funding it had raised previously. The latest round is led by early stage European industrial tech investor Speedinvest, with participation from UK-based early... Read more »
  • 5G, AI, cybersecurity and renewable energy set for investment boost under EU coronavirus recovery plan
    The European Commission is proposing to direct billions of euros of financial relief into high tech and green investments to help the bloc recover from the coronavirus crisis. Technologies such as 5G, AI, cloud, cybersecurity, supercomputing and renewable energy look set to benefit from a €750BN pan-EU support package set... Read more »
  • Oxwash bags $1.7M for a cleaner spin on laundry
    Oxwash, a UK-based laundry startup that’s aiming to disrupt traditional but environmentally costly washing and dry-cleaning processes by using ozone to sterilize fabrics at lower temperatures, along with electric cargo bikes for hyper local pick ups and deliveries, has bagged a £1.4 million (~$1.7M) seed. Backers in the funding round include... Read more »
  • Our love of the cloud is making a green energy future impossible
    Mark Mills Contributor Share on Twitter Mark Mills is the author of the book, “Digital Cathedrals: The Information Infrastructure Era,” and is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a Faculty Fellow at Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering, and a partner in Cottonwood Venture Partners, an energy-tech venture fund. An epic number of... Read more »
  • Replacing plastic with plant pulp for sustainable packaging attracts a billionaire backer
    In a small suburb of Melbourne, two entrepreneurs are developing a technology that could mean big changes for the packaging industry. Stuart Gordon and Mark Appleford are the co-founders of Varden, a company that has developed a process to take the waste material from sugarcane and convert it into a... Read more »
  • Google data centers watch the weather to make the most of renewable energy
    Google’s data centers run 24/7 and suck up a ton of energy — so it’s in both the company’s and the planet’s interest to make them do so as efficiently as possible. One new method has the facilities keeping an eye on the weather so they know when the... Read more »
  • Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator reboots its incubation program with 16-member cohort
    The Los Angeles Cleantch Incubator is rebooting its incubator program and moving from rolling applications to a cohort model beginning with 16 new startups.  Los Angeles’ not-for-profit incubator exchanges sweat equity in the form of services and office space, and the promise of $20,000 in funding for local pilot projects, for... Read more »
  • NASA and Planet expand imagery partnership to all NASA-funded Earth science research
    NASA and Planet have deemed their pilot partnership a success, and the result is that NASA will extend its contract with Planet to provide the company’s satellite imagery of Earth to all research programs funded by the agency. NASA had signed an initial contract last April with Planet to... Read more »
  • The Future of Street Cleaner System is Robots!
    In not so distant future, Robert Schäfer has envisioned that our future cleaning system would be robots. Inspired by the growing popularity of automatic and autonomous products and vehicles, it’s no brainer that the future of public service is robotic technology. This project demonstrates autonomous municipal street cleaner that focuses... Read more »
  • Workstation Cabin for a Small Office or a Private Retreat in Your Garden
    If you have a large backyard, you can install Workstation Cabin to enjoy a private retreat. It’s like having a tiny house in your garden, the structure is specially designed for you to work and relax while admiring the beauty of your own garden. This 8-square meter wooden house can... Read more »
  • BLOCC – Stylish, Durable, and Reusable Face Shield to Stop You from Touching Your Face
    How to train people not touch their faces during this coronavirus pandemic? Well, BLOCC aims to help them with this stylish, reusable face shield. Seriously, avoiding touching your face is harder than it seems. BLOCC face shield offers a comfortable and easy solution to break that habit, it provides a... Read more »
  • Streat Self-Driving Food Delivering Platform – Customizable Mobile Kitchen
    Over the last five years, Korean Restaurants industry has performed very well with many core industries in larger food services sector. Unfortunately Korea’s restaurants industry also has more closures than start ups. Opening a restaurant can be a high risk investment, let’s see…an average restaurant start-up can cost up to... Read more »
  • Cool Wine Barrel Strap for Apple Watch For a Natural Charm
    Made in Austria, you can wear retired French oak wine barrels into a beautiful strap for your Apple Watch. Here’s a sustainable work of art. A perfect watch strap for wine lovers, with all digital devices we have, here’s a little touch that provides a natural charm when you wear... Read more »
  • The New Generation Street-Legal 2020 Yamaha Ténéré 700 Rally Edition Motorcycle
    The original Yamaha Ténéré was developed in 1983, it was inspired by Yamaha XT, which won first Dakar Rally in ’79 and ’80. Ténéré became an iconic adventure bike that changed the world of motorcycling. Now, 40 years later, Yamaha Ténéré 700 has been developed to capture the imagination of... Read more »
  • The Nike ISPA Zoom Road Warrior Features Open Floating Heel Design
    Still remember that cool Nike ISPA Jacket? Here’s another cool design Nike ISPA Road Warrior. It’s a footwear designed specially for training, running, basketball, or just ideal outdoor shoes. Featuring cool open floating heel, the design borrows from early Nike Shox prototypes, but it has shifted from boing boing effect... Read more »
  • UA Sportsmask Is Specially Designed for Athletes for Better Airflow
    To slow down the spread of coronavirus (COVID19), health officials recommend that healthy people should always wear facemasks and maintain our distance from others. However, when an athlete works his/her way to stay fit, it would really hard for them to wear conventional facemask. It would be really hard to... Read more »
  • Unique Off-The-Grid Diagonal Dwelling for Scottish Highlands
    Diagonal Dwelling is a unique sanctuary designed for Scottish highlands. It’s a self-sufficient building specially designed for remote locations, the structure can be customized to sit comfortably in other locations. At first sight, this off-the-grid dwelling might look like a weird building in the middle of nowhere, featuring unconventional shape... Read more »
  • HIMO Z20 Dual Mode E-Bike Offers Dynamic Ride for City Riding
    HIMO Z20 Dual Mode E-Bike provides you with dynamic ride, it is designed for both electric and manual cycling, or everything in between. It’s light and energy-efficient, a good vehicle to avoid traffic jams and public transportation. This electric bike is equipped with a casual riding “Cool Mode” and sporty... Read more »