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  • Tesla, GM and Nissan are all part of a new coalition aiming to extend the EV tax credit
    Tesla, GM and Nissan are among a group of 15 companies that launched a new coalition aimed at reforming the electric vehicle tax credit. The group, called EV Drive Coalition, brings together a mix of automakers, industry giant ABB, climate change and energy lobbying organizations and EV infrastructure companies, including... Read more »
  • How issues of microtransit, congestion and parking are closing in on cities
    Earlier this week in a new experimental newsletter I’ve been helping Danny Crichton on, we briefly discussed transit pundit Jarrett Walker’s article in The Atlantic arguing against the view that ridesharing and microtransit will be the future of mass transit. Instead, his thesis is that a properly operated and well-resourced... Read more »
  • David Attenborough to voice Netflix’s nature conservation series, Our Planet
    Netflix has persuaded everyone’s favorite naturalist, David Attenborough, to voice its forthcoming original nature documentary series, Our Planet, which is slated to put conservation squarely in the frame, not just offer glorious animal eye-candy. It’s a timely moment to focus on conservation, with climate change posing existential threats to global... Read more »
  • National Grid unveils $250M corporate venture capital arm
    National Grid, the Northeast’s natural gas and electricity company, is planting a flag in Silicon Valley with the launch of National Grid Partners. Led by former Intel Capital vice president and managing director Lisa Lambert, NGP has $250 million to invest in growth-stage technology startups over the next two to... Read more »
  • The cost of energy storage has stalled adoption of renewable power. Energy Vault has a solution.
    Because solar and wind power are now cheaper to produce than energy from fossil fuels, the only obstacle that remains to the mass adoption of renewable power is the amount of money utilities need to spend to store the energy those systems produce. Right now, storing 100 megawatts of renewable energy (enough... Read more »
  • Reef-rejuvenating LarvalBot spreads coral babies by the millions
    The continuing die-off of the world’s coral reefs is a depressing reminder of the reality of climate change, but it’s also something we can actively push back on. Conservationists have a new tool to do so with LarvalBot, an underwater robot platform that may greatly accelerate efforts to re-seed old... Read more »
  • Google AI listens to 15 years of sea-bottom recordings for hidden whale songs
    Google and a group of game cetologists have undertaken an AI-based investigation of years of undersea recordings, hoping to create a machine learning model that can spot humpback whale calls. It’s part of the company’s new “AI for social good” program that’s rather obviously positioned to counter the narrative... Read more »
  • Tap, a new startup from Sam Rosen, wants to be the Google of drinking water
    MakeSpace founder and former CEO Samuel Rosen is ready to launch his next venture, and it has little or nothing to do with the on-demand economy. This time, Rosen is setting his sights on the world of water. Tap aims to be the world’s first public index and global search engine... Read more »
  • Water Abundance Xprize’s $1.5M winner shows how to source fresh water from the air
    You may remember that back in March, the Water Abundance Xprize named the five finalists in its contest to demonstrate the sustainable and scalable collection of water from the air. Interestingly, none of those finalists were the winner — after one dropped out, an eliminated team stepped in and took... Read more »
  • This is not fine
    A UN report compiled by a coalition of international climate and policy experts has warned that “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society” are required if global warming is to be limited to just 1.5°C. The report also sets out some of the dire consequences for both humanity... Read more »
  • Iron Ox opens its first fully autonomous farm
    For the last two and a half years, Iron Ox has been working on perfecting its agricultural robots to tend its indoor farms. After first testing its systems on a small scale, the company is opening its first fully autonomous production farm, with plans to start selling its produce soon. The... Read more »
  • Uber fires up its own traffic estimates to fuel demand beyond cars
    If the whole map is red and it’s a short ride, maybe you’d prefer taking an Uber JUMP Bike instead of an UberX. Or at least if you do end up stuck bumper-to-bumper, the warning could make you less likely to get mad mid-ride and take it out on... Read more »
  • California is ‘launching our own damn satellite’ to track pollution, with help from Planet
    California plans to launch a satellite to monitor pollution in the state and contribute to climate science, Governor Jerry Brown announced today. The state is partnering with satellite imagery purveyor Planet to create a custom craft to “pinpoint – and stop – destructive emissions with unprecedented precision, on a... Read more »
  • ChargePoint is adding 2.5M electric vehicle chargers over the next 7 years
    Electric vehicles still make up just a fraction of the cars, trucks and SUVs on the road today. But that’s changing: The number of electric and plug-in hybrid cars on the world’s roads exceeded 3 million in 2017. By 2025, there are expected to be 20 million electric vehicles in... Read more »
  • CB Therapeutics’ lab-grown cannabinoids could unlock new medicines and make others affordable
    Marijuana may still be on shaky legal ground, but the therapeutic benefits of the psychoactive molecules — cannabinoids — inside the plant are solidly established. Unfortunately, cultivation of that plant is resource-intensive and yields only tiny amounts of some useful medicines. CB Therapeutics, a new biotech company launching today at... Read more »
  • Facebook has committed to using 100% renewable power for global operations by 2020
    Earlier today, Facebook said that it has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent and using 100 percent renewable energy to power global operations at the social networking giant by the end of 2020. So, while the company may have problems keeping foreign nationals from using the platform... Read more »
  • Powered by $25 million, Arcadia Power looks to expand its distributed renewable energy services
    As renewable energy use surges in the U.S. and the effects of global climate change become more visible, companies like Arcadia Power are pitching a nationwide service to make renewable energy available to residential customers. While states like New York, California and regions across the upper Midwest have access to renewable... Read more »
  • Ocean Solutions Accelerator names its first wave of conservation startups
    Early this year the Sustainable Oceans Alliance announced it would be starting its own accelerator with a focus on conservation. The nonprofit has just announced the Ocean Solutions Accelerator’s first wave of startups: a particularly varied and international lineup that’s easy to root for. You may also remember that the SOA... Read more »
  • WeWork takes meat off the menu as part of environmental policy drive
    WeWork, the co-working startup that’s valued at ~$20 billion and has some 200,000 members across 200 locations globally plus nearly 6,000 staff of its own, will no long allow employees to expense meat. It will also no longer serve meat at company events. The policy shift is intended to reduce... Read more »
  • Bioproducts are seeing major tailwinds in renewable tech
    Tom Dickson Contributor Share on Twitter Tom Dickson is CEO of New Energy Risk. Brentan Alexander Contributor Share on Twitter Brentan Alexander is chief science officer for New Energy Risk. Although Silicon Valley seems to have largely forgotten about cleantech after failures in solar, wind and batteries, there are still major strides being made across new and exciting... Read more »
  • Food for Buzz – Artificial Flowers Transform Rainwater Into Sugar Water to Feed Urban Bees
    In order to save bees from extinction, Matilde Boelhouwer has developed a special project, Food for Buzz. It is undeniable that there’s relationship between flowers and insects, it’s a connection that we can find in nature. Flowers grow to serve insects while insects evolve to serve flowers simultaneously. However, since... Read more »
  • Sun City Camp Wants To Deliver The Martians Experience
    Want to get a little taste of living in Mars? Well, Sun City Camp can give that to you. Located in the heart of Wadi Rum’s desert, this camp offers spiritual soothing experience and serenity of living in the desert. You can enjoy the simple of Bedouin life, a group... Read more »
  • Futuristic Ukko Concept Tractor Is An All Electric Tractor with AI Technology
    Ukko, a modern concept tractor that blurs the boundaries between a working machine and a vehicle. It wants to create a connection with its user that it’s not just a working machine, it also represents a futuristic sculptured vehicle that one can love. The main idea of this concept was... Read more »
  • Thanko USB 24-Hour Timer Switch Prevents Your Device from Overheating
    Even though it’s just a little device, Thanko USB 24-Hour Timer Switch can do a great deal when it comes controlling your device to go on and off. Too bad the instructions are in Japanese but don’t worry, the device display is English. It’s pretty straightforward device, very easy to... Read more »
  • Roka Transition Backpack Features Performance Storage System for Multidisciplinary Creatives and Travelers
    Roka Transition Backpack offers you ultimate everyday pack. It’s a bag designed specially for multidisciplinary life domination. You can gear up for work, training day, race day, or travel day, this bag would be your perfect go-to backpack, take it everywhere. Transition pack offers performance storage system for those who... Read more »
  • Best Made Company Mallmann’s Grill Stands at Amazing 8 Feet Tall
    Designed by an extraordinary chef Francis Mallmann, this grill is like a monument for his creative genius. Best Made Company Mallmann’s Grill features a towering steel structure that allows you to enjoy traditional Argentinian grilling. That veritable altar to the flame enables good home cooks and chefs alike to simmer,... Read more »
  • Comau Mate Exoskeleton Eases Repetitive Movements and Increases Work Quality
    Comau MATE Exoskeleton wants to give superpower to your operators. It’s a wearable technology that supports them to carry out their daily tasks. MATE is an ergonomically designed spring-based structure, it eases repetitive movements and relieves effort due to a lightweight, breathable, and effective postural support. Designed by Comau and... Read more »
  • Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye Smart City West of Moscow by Zaha Hadid Architects and TPO Pride Architects
    Together, Zaha Hadid Architects and TPO Pride Architects (Russia) have been selected to build the new Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye smart city. Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye has been designed to house up to 66,500 residents, also with addition to medical clinics, new schools, shopping districts, cultural instituitions, and of course, transport infrastructure. This smart city would... Read more »
  • Futuristic Nubia Alpha Wearable Smartphone on Your Wrist
    Nubia, one of top Chinese smartphone companies, has released its future vision of smartphone, Nubia Alpha. It’s a futuristic wearable smartphone on your wrist, basically Nubia places all smartphone features into a flexible, watch-like device. It’s like a smart band with metal strap that holds flexible display in place. Nubia... Read more »
  • Piknik Table with Integrated Parasol and Plancha Grill
    Piknik Table is a concept picnic table inspired by the traditional version, but this time, it integrates plancha grill, parasol, bottle bin, housing for gas cylinder, accessories, and storage. This concept project transforms ordinary picnic table into a modern version that allows simple and practical way to cook and eat.... Read more »