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  • Shell’s first Greenlots electric vehicle fast charger lands in Singapore
    Royal Dutch Shell, the energy giant known for its fossil fuel production and hundreds of Shell gas stations, is creeping into the electric vehicle-power business. The company’s first DC fast charger from its newly acquired company Greenlots launched Monday at a Shell gas station in Singapore. Greenlots, an EV charging... Read more »
  • How about earning crypto tokens to carbon-offset your Uber rides?
    Most of us, by now, are aware that all sorts of crazy stuff is happening to the planet’s climate, and the blame is pretty much universally recognized as lying with humans pumping more and more carbon into the atmosphere. Scientists are now saying tree planting, for instance, has to happen... Read more »
  • Through a new partnership and $72 million in funding, LanzaTech expands its carbon capture tech
    For nearly 15 years LanzaTech has been developing a carbon capture technology that can turn waste streams into ethanol that can be used for chemicals and fuel. Now, with $72 million in fresh funding at a nearly $1 billion valuation and a newly inked partnership with biotechnology giant Novo Holdings, the... Read more »
  • Nissan and EVgo to add 200 fast chargers as more electric vehicles hit US roads
    Nissan and EVgo said Tuesday they will install another 200 DC fast chargers in the United States to support the growing number of consumers who are buying electric vehicles, including the new Nissan Leaf e+ that came to market earlier this year. The 100 kilowatt DC fast-charging stations will have... Read more »
  • Patrick Brown, the chief executive of Impossible Foods, is coming to Disrupt
    Impossible Foods is having quite the year. In the past seven months, the company has signed a nationwide deal with Burger King, weathered a demand surge that saw supplies dwindle and stocks of its signature Impossible burger sell out across the country, and raised fears among players in the $98 billion... Read more »
  • An autonomous robot EV charger is coming to San Francisco
    Electric-vehicle chargers today are designed for human drivers. Electrify America and San Francisco-based startup Stable are preparing for the day when humans are no longer behind the wheel. Electrify America, the entity set up by Volkswagen as part of its settlement with U.S. regulators over the diesel emissions cheating scandal,... Read more »
  • Didi Chuxing and oil giant BP team up to build electric vehicle charging infrastructure in China
    Ridesharing and transportation platform Didi Chuxing announced today that it has formed a joint venture with BP, the British gas, oil and energy company, to build electric-vehicle charging infrastructure in China. The charging stations will be available to Didi and non-Didi drivers. The news of Didi and BP’s joint venture... Read more »
  • Tesla has a new energy product called Megapack
    Tesla has launched a new utility-scale energy storage product called Megapack modeled after the giant battery system it deployed in South Australia as the company seeks to provide an alternative to natural gas “peaker” power plants. Megapack is the third and largest energy storage system offered by Tesla. The company... Read more »
  • Apple leads corporate American solar energy usage
    Apple led the way in solar usage as technology companies step up their development of renewable energy projects to offset their carbon emissions. That’s the word from the Solar Energy Industry Association in its latest tally of leading corporate solar energy installers across the U.S. Last year, Apple installed 400 megawatts... Read more »
  • Tesla focuses on service with 25 new service centers in Q2, rate of new openings to ‘increase’
    Tesla is set to aggressively ramp up the rate at which it opens new service facilities, according to CEO Elon Musk’s guidance on the company’s Q2 2019 earnings call. In total, Tesla opened 25 new service centers during the quarter, and added 100 new service vehicles to its existing... Read more »
  • Tesla has begun preparations for Model Y production at its Fremont factory
    Tesla has already started the preparations required to get production started on its forthcoming Model Y compact all-electric SUV, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk . During his introductory comments on the automaker’s Q2 2019 earnings call, Musk noted that prep had started at its facility in Fremont, confirming a... Read more »
  • Known for its electric scooters, Gogoro moves toward its future as a mobility platform
    Since the launch of its first electric scooter in 2015, Gogoro co-founder and CEO Horace Luke has frequently been asked when the startup is going to expand beyond Taiwan. In its home country, Gogoro’s two-wheel vehicles, with their distinctive swappable battery system, are now the top-selling electric scooters. But Luke... Read more »
  • Tesla’s new V3 Supercharger can charge up to 1,500 electric vehicles a day
    Tesla has opened a massive next-generation electric vehicle charging station in Las Vegas that combines the company’s core products into one sustainable energy ecosystem, fulfilling a vision CEO Elon Musk laid out nearly three years ago. The new V3 Supercharger, which supports a peak rate of up to 250... Read more »
  • How Carl Pope helped drive a $500 million pledge to push the U.S. “Beyond Carbon” (Part 2)
    Billionaire businessman and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg recently pledged to rapidly spend $500 million in a bid to push the U.S. “Beyond Carbon,” aiming to end this country’s use of coal and natural gas power in a generation or less. In another recent piece, I featured an in-depth interview with Carl... Read more »
  • The climate is our biggest threat. Carl Pope is fighting to change our fate
    Michael Bloomberg is an unrepentant capitalist who, as he says in his 2017 book A Climate of Hope, is “not exactly your stereotypical environmentalist.” Yet over the past decade, Bloomberg has become arguably the biggest environmental philanthropist in the world — especially given the $500 million investment Bloomberg announced... Read more »
  • Tesla drops ‘Standard Range’ Model S and Model X, lowers prices of ‘Long Range’ variants and Model 3
    Tesla has made a tweak to its model lineup, eliminating the entry-level Standard Range variants of its Model S and Model X vehicles. The change means that it’s now more expensive overall to get into either the all-electric Model S sedan or the Model X SUV, but the automakers... Read more »
  • Negative? How a Navy veteran refused to accept a ‘no’ to his battery invention
    Decades ago, a young naval engineer on a British nuclear submarine started taking an interest in the electric batteries helping to run his vessel. Silently running under the frozen polar ice cap during the Cold War, little did this submariner know that, in the 21st century, batteries would become one... Read more »
  • Ford and Volkswagen team up on EVs, with Ford the first outside automaker to use VW’s MEB platform
    Automakers Ford and Volkswagen have announced a partnership today that covers a number of areas, including autonomy (via a new investment by VW in Argo AI) and collaboration on development of electric vehicles. This EV tie-up will see Ford use Volkswagen’s MEB platform, which it’s using as the core of... Read more »
  • Bosch launches cloud-connected battery management to extend the life of EV batteries
    Bosch is bringing to market a new cloud-connected software service to manage and monitor the battery life of electric vehicles. “Bosch is connecting electric-vehicle batteries with the cloud. Its data-based services mean we can substantially improve batteries’ performance and extend their service life,” said Dr. Markus Heyn, member of the board... Read more »
  • BMW unveils the first all-electric Mini with the Cooper SE
    The all-electric Mini Cooper was once just a demonstration car and a dream for EV fans, but now it’s a car people will actually be able to buy, with truly competitive range and a ground-up purely electric drivetrain. The new Mini Cooper SE is the brand’s first purely electric small... Read more »
  • PIQO Smart, Mini Projector Hands-on Review: Is It Worth Your Money?
    For home theater lovers, one of the best alternatives is portable video projectors. Depending on their use, these must-have specific characteristics, whether we will use them to watch movies at home, to make presentations or if we require equipment that is easy to carry around. In any case, the most... Read more »
  • SolarCLOUD Consists of 1500 Solar Balloons for Masdar City of UAE
    solarCLOUD looks like sunflowers trigger by the sun, it’s an artistic installation of solar balloons that would rise using the sun’s energy and capture more light to generate electric energy. These solar balloons also trigger the roller for mechanical energy, thus, creating endless variational, moving cloud that provides shade underneath.... Read more »
  • Gamers, Say Hello to HP OMEN X 2S Dual-Screen Gaming Laptop
    Good news for gamers, HP unveils HP OMEN X 2S, it’s world’s first dual-screen gaming laptop that delivers extraordinary power and multitasking capabilities. This laptop design wants to raise the bar for gaming experiences, it’s been designed to become next-gen gaming laptop. OMEN X 2S allows you to watch videos... Read more »
  • Delta Collapsible Heavy-Duty Shovel – Versatile Tool for Every Situation
    Delta Shovel has been designed to provide you with multi-application solution, a shovel for all year-round. The first generation of this shovel was designed and developed to tame snow and ice, but here, Delta is designed to make the earth shudder. Designed and developed with offroad, camping, and survival needs... Read more »
  • FFORA Releases Attachment Accessory System for Wheelchair
    FFORA releases stylish attachment system that can be securely attached onto tubes of a wheelchair. It allows wheelchair-bound user to keep their things within reach. This attachment system is compatible with most manual wheelchairs and compatible with every FFORA product. The design of FFORA attachment system allows for 360-degree rotation.... Read more »
  • Sonny Portable Bidet for Hygiene Conscious People with Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle
    A portable bidet that stands beautifully wherever you place it, thanks to its design and premium construction. Sonny is world’s first elegant portable bidet that features sleek design, intuitive to use, environmentally friendly, and definitely more hygienic than toilet paper. This piece has been designed and developed for healthy, hygiene... Read more »
  • Keith Titanium Ti5822 Square Chopsticks with Aluminum Storage Case
    China produces more than 80 billion disposable chopsticks each year, they are killing China’s forest. You can help reduce your footprint with Keith Titanium Ti5822 square chopsticks, they are non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, naturally hypoallergenic, and of course, resistant to corrosion. The square design allows these chopsticks for easier gripping. This... Read more »
  • Y7 Sailing Yacht Features Flexible Interior to Suit Your Needs
    In collaboration with Bill Tripp, one of world’s greatest naval architects, Y Yachts has designed and developed Y7 Sailing Yacht. The goal of this project was to combine sailing performance with competitive sailing performance, just when other yachts still use engines, the sails are already set on Y7. Due to... Read more »
  • Chic Chair – A Functional Piece of Art
    Submitted by Vasil Velchev, Chic is a concept chair designed with one goal, to become the center part of the interior that would get everyone’s attention when they enter the room. At first glance, this chair looks like a sculpture, a functional piece of art, just like enlivened 3D painting... Read more »
  • GOLDEN GATE for Market Flower of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
    Inspired by traditional Chinese temple gateway, Napp Studio & Architects has designed a Golden Gate as the entrance of Flower Market of Causeway Bay, Hongkong. It’s a tradition during Lunar New Year, Chinese people would hope for luck, prosperity not just for oneself, but also family and friends. This tradition... Read more »